Hips of Salts by Maggy Greaver

Maggy Greaver | October 31st, 2017 | poetry | No Comments


When the stuff
people are doing to you
you are already doing to yourself
which grants
those around you
to do to you
what you are
Already doing to
woke up feeling this way

You will stop taking advantage of me
because I stopped doing it to me
you will respect me
because I respect me
you will love me
because I love me
you will be accountable for your actions in my life
because I held myself accountable
You will not expose my weaknesses
for I kept yours in heart and secretly helping you with them
you won’t deplete my energy with your negative life stories and
expect me to keep my sanity in your presence
That shit is over
Because I ain’t taking shit from myself no more
I said
I ain’t taking shit FOR myself no more
don’t invite me to your party
if you ain’t coming
don’t come to my party
if you ain’t gonna dance to my music
better yet don’t bring your playlist to my party
I have got my shit
don’t test me
I’m about to fail you
You ain’t ready to take
What I’m about to dish
I’m pissed you see
not with you
but with myself
I’m demanding you see
of myself
that’s which I allowed to be stolen
by my pleasing spirit
I will no longer
take it you see
if you aren’t doing to me what I’m doing to me then
get the fuck off my lifeline
this shit is suffocating
But I’m not about to die
with this pain
I’m gonna release it
till it blows your mind
and you go first
that’s how loyal I’m getting
with myself
If this here ain’t pleasing
then you got the jinx
of what
I’m howling at you
through me

Poet Bio

Maggy Greaver, Mom and a wife

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