Hollow by Ntombi Mlambo

Ntombi Mlambo | April 11th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


The sorrow…

The hole in my soul won’t fill
The void… it won’t fill
it won’t fill!

It’s too deep
It’s too dark

It’s bottomless
It’s fathom-less

I go through the motions
Smile through bitter emotions
In my head there’s a commotion
Trying to understand the direction of motion
Am I coming or going?

Who am I today?
Am I still the same?
I’m filled with shame
Sometimes I don’t feel quite sane
Who’s to blame,
for the confusion in my brain?

He’s the black shadow in my mind
Brain washing my soul
Making me lose all coherent thought
Causes turmoil in my heart

He calls himself my father
Making me the spawn of Lucifer himself.

Poet Bio

Ntombi Mlambo is a University Student who enjoys both reading and writing poetry.

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