Home As A Body Of Water by Emmanuel Ojeikhodion

Emmanuel Ojeikhodion | January 11th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


When I remember home, my body floats into grief. I’m unstable. A river of memories gushes from my head. Here, in this city, I’m alive & well but sometimes, I like to think I’m a lonely boat freezing in the water for too long. Something from me splashes on the wall. What? I commune with my shadow. It’s how I know that I’m still breathing. On weekends, a phonecall from home stretches into hours. I prefer not to say what floods me here— instead I know the waters shall carry me home safe.

Poet Bio

Emmanuel Ojeikhodion is a Nigerian born emerging Writer & Poet. A penultimate undergrad studying a bachelor degree in English & Literature at the University of Benin. His writings have appeared/ forthcoming in Capsule Stories, Ninshar Arts, The Rising Phoenix Review, New Horizon Creatives, Chachalaca Review, Pangolin Review, Déraciné Magazine & elsewhere. He tweets @hermynuel

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