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Mohamed Ahmed | June 3rd, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


Of all the places in the world most dear
Where faces shine bright and hearths are at peace
Where the trees and stones to my heart most near
All roads lead to home, where all sorrows cease

The smells and sounds in my mind very clear
As a boy with my friends, loud, not a care
Time like a bird, flies past year after year
The future seemed far, of grief unaware

The way back is hard, my footing not sure
The half-light is close, the pining grows strong
Tears make the sight of tomorrow obscure
Away from the root; where do I belong?

At the door she awaits with a welcoming smile
“Embrace me son, we have been apart for a while”

Poet Bio

Mohamed grew up in The Netherlands were he pursued studies in Medical Biology. Following time spent in South African he currently works as a postdoctoral researcher in New York City. He likes to write poetry in his spare time in addition to practising the martial arts of Kendo.

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