Homeless by Katryn Nieuwoudt

Katryn Nieuwoudt | May 12th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


I wished upon a star, to take me far away from here
I prayed that someday, someone will find me
I took my boat and sailed away, but the wind swooped me into the air
An ocean full of corporate whales, I ended up with broken sails
Wait to go back home, wait for unsafe safety, wait for time to pass, bitter sweet and hasty
My home is not my home, forefathers forced their power
Upon children men and women, leaving m to pick up the pieces
I will never have a home like they do, singing with
pride as they hold each other’s hands and history up high
I see children of another race, sitting on streets, singing and begging
All they should be seeing is a teachers’ face, instead they look towards absolute chaos
Fear, fear everywhere, laughter because we can’t face the mess we live in,
not if we need to function everyday
But this is where I built my boat, and by discovering the truth of our past
Is the only way I stay afloat
I don’t have a home on this soil, I live by sailing past all the crying faces

Poet Bio

I am a twenty year old Afrikaans citizen of South Africa and I am currently studying Journalism and English at Rhodes University. I am originally from Pretoria but I have been traveling since I was 9 years old.

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