Homeless by Wanga Fosiko

Wanga Fosiko | July 6th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

For the first 11 years of my life, I lived in Malawi
I stayed in 2 cities and 1 small town
I went to 13 different schools
Learned to speak 3 languages
And did not live in one house longer than 2 years
I learned that everything is temporary

In my 12th year, I moved to South Africa,
I went to one school for 6 years
I stayed in one house for longer than two years
I learned that adventure is permanent

In my 17th year, my parents moved back to Malawi
I stayed with my best friend for a year
I learned that family is more than blood

University has been my biggest adventure so far
I stay at res
I stay at my best friend’s house
I stay in Malawi
My heart learned to be multidimensional with its love

Every time someone asks where I am from,
I fight the urge to explain that I do not have a specific place I call home

My home is not one structure
My home is made of heartbeats, hugs, words of affirmation
Complete acceptance and belonging.
My home is within the hearts of those I love
And it keeps growing every day

So next time someone asks
Where I am from
I think the right answer is
I am from where I am loved.

Poet Bio

Wanga Fosiko is a poet based in Johannesburg originally from where she is loved.

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