Honey, I’m home by The Vine

The Vine | June 9th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Her heart beats, Sheets reek of deceit
Emotions torn piece by piece. I bleed
My soul desolate and bleak, I walk these streets Torment showers of dream sleets and echoes of screams, screeching beasts claw my conscience in a humbled plead to ease my anger and anchor my hurried rage to calm the wave of pain in my chest
Take a breath, relax, take a breath, relax. Smile and say… Honey, daddy’s home!

Poet Bio

Kopano “The Vine” Jantjie is a freelance writer and poet from the Free State. With controversial writing as his niche, Kopano draws his love for the art from the likes of Mutle Mathibe and Mak Manaka to mention a few. He is an unearthed jewel, breaking from his cocoon. Kopano is a member of the “Poetry 101 with Mak Manaka” & “All Poetry” writing groups online.

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