How Did Kevin Parker know how I felt? by Nina Nash

Nina Nash | April 25th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Have a listen to Tame Impala’s New Person -same ol’ mistakes

Listening to Tame impala’s track “new person same old mistakes”
like a solitary soak in a natural hot-spring
a solo whale moaning to her lost child in the ocean

wailing bass notes show opposing emotions: obsession, new love, confusion, indifference, distrust, stubbornness, anger, act as a heat cure–like, salts making one’s skin silky soft
velvety vocals, memorable melodic keyboards and thoughtful lyric relieves a mind of endless looping

I can just hear them now

“How could you let us down?”

But they don’t know what I felt

Or see it from this way around

Feeling it overtake

All that I used to hate

I tried but it’s way too late

All the slides I don’t read

When I breathe in too deep

Going with what I always longed for

All the energy of a teenager’s bravado,
‘Let me do it my way, I want the power to choose who I love, even a mistake!’

Dance and every conceivable quirky movement naturally pours
like orange magma force of imbalanced plates collide.

Lights a white-hot fire… telling the story of how I loved him, secretly, even if that love was unrequited I was bound to win him over, even if everyone I knew hated him, I was gonna make it work! Little did I know he’d have the last villainous laugh, but all the while I was floating away on the fantasy from New person, same old mistakes.

Poet Bio

Nina Cestaro is a UC Berkeley Alum. She has lived in eight countries and resides in the wonderful Richmond. Ca currently. She tutors elementary school-aged children in literacy, runs a cat sitting service and writes poetry in her spare time. Her loves are hiking Mt. Tam, making homemade pasta dishes and listening to 70-90’s alternative music.

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