How useless then the task by Phumza Mankayi

Phumza Mankayi | August 26th, 2018 | poetry | 2 Comments


Would you throw your bucket in the river,
Would you spit in the sea?
Will you try drying your clothes under a waterfall or sear a page with a finger?
Have you considered quenching your thirst with a tear?
Baking bread in the sun?
So then my love,
Do not hunger for an unfulfilling task of toil,
The disappointing grasp of a lonely hand,
A thirsty mouth against your ear calling on an ocean,
A potion that has no love in its fix,
The spell with no rhyme in its recipe.

Poet Bio

Phumza, a South African born writer, who in her quest to tell the narrative of a young Black South African girl found herself in the company of great minds when surrounded by books. She believes in the power of the story as a mechanism for change.

Phumza current works as a Content Writer for an advertising agency harboring dreams of a less routine lifestyle.


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