Humanity by Ntando Ncube

Ntando Ncube | August 10th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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We are walking but we are paralyzed,
We are living but we are dead,
We are breathing but we are suffocating
We have so much to say but we are speechless,
We are swimming yet we are drowning.
We are at peace but wars rage
We are extremists but we claim to be pious,
What has happened to our humanity?

We say we are kind, but in truth we are wicked,
We claim chastity but fornicate with the harlot,
We call ourselves artists but we have no talent
Our creativity is stifled by commercialization.
We have eyes but we are blind,
We have hands but we cannot mould,
Powerful voices but cannot sing,
Extremely talented but talentless.

We love truly but hate fully,
We give generously but take maliciously.
We compliment kindly and flatter spitefully,
We build exquisitely but destroy utterly.
We laugh out loud but grieve quietly…
…at the death of humanity,
Death of spirituality, death of togetherness,
Death of love and kindness…
But still, we grieve quietly and laugh out loud.

Where is our humanity?
Where is the love that we are capable of?
We destroy the earth with hate,
Our rivers are filled with blood
But yet we thirst for more:
More food, more money, more blood!
Mother Nature is in desolation,
She is helpless from this agony.
The soil refuses to bear fruit,
And the sky brings forth calamity.

Onwards we march into wars
Charging into each other like raging bulls,
Breaking bone, sinew and tissue,
Breaking spirit and resolve…
We are brave but we are cowards
Steadfast but yielding,
We are free but mentally shackled
Intellectuals and fools,
Physically sturdy but spiritually feeble
Purposeless, hopeless…
Like us, our humanity, lost.

Poet Bio

Ntando Ncube is a writer, poet and artist from Durban.

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