Hygge by Aaishah Mayet

Aaishah Mayet | February 5th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Close your eyes
Boarding passes ready
Plush velvet quilts
Mugs of mocha java
Purring fur child at your feet

Close your eyes
Summer breezes
Sticky watermelon
A smoky barbeque haze
Giggles and splashes

Close your eyes
Find the magic
Feel the wonder
Unearth past joys
Turn them into walking phantoms

Open your eyes
Discover the living colours
A vivid harmony
Cast by your hands
As vision and memories unite

Poet Bio

Aaishah Mayet hails from the City of Gold, Johannesburg, South Africa. She works in the Healthcare sector which, for her, has bridged the frontiers of our shared human experience. As a self-confessed bibliophile of many years, literature remains her teacher and her sanctuary. Her works include Haiku published in the Lotosblute, as well as poetry published by Agbowo, Praxis, Poetry Potion, Active Muse, the Brittle Paper, The Lote Tree Press and Amaliah.

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