I am a victim by droshka

droshka | June 7th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


I am a victim of my own pain,
in my own world and that’s my secret.
I am a victim of rejection.
And Yes I’ve Been neglected,
And disappointed,
But that’s my secret.
Yes it’s a secret that I’m in distress,
And I know they care less about me.
They doubt me.
And won’t trust me.

Because I am a victim!
Of abuse I am.
And now all who loved me,
And never accused me are now deceased.

Yes I am a Victim,
Of Suicidal thoughts,
And Sleepless nights I am.

Oh, somebody please Help me,
I’m in need of a hero,
As I’m in my darkest Terror!
And as a victim of wonder I ask
“Is there really much blue in the Red and the Black”?

I once thought I would turn things around,
But how do you turn something with no sides around?
And as the night of terror and trauma approaches my mind would suffocate as Roman and Greek questions would torment my thoughts I would wonder.

“Who are the experts where personality is concerned”?
The rude or the kind?
Well who have got it down to a fine art?
Who are the privileged,
The dead or the Living?

Truth be told I am a victim,
Of confusion I’m.
And as it strikes and knock me down on my knees I would Pray.
I would pray and say lord lift me up even if it’s just for the coming season,
As long as I won’t be a victim.

Because Lord,
Of many things good and most bad I am I victim!!!

Poet Bio

I find most of my motivations in pain cos it’s what I know best in most of my life, though I can relate to any situation.

They say I am great philosopher, and etc… basically I am an open book. ?

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