I Am by Teekay

Teekay | Oct 6th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


Growth is inevitable,
An equivalent to construction.
Thus a mistake can be corrected,
Yet if only memories could be relived,
The outcome might be different.

As I dive into my being,
Having conversations with God,
Curious why I live to please,
The answer was bitter yet accurate,
Being, to please is to love without constraint.

I’d do anything to please those I love,
As I’ve done so in the past decades.
Thus I don’t mind falling apart to compete them
Then rebuild myself to go through it again

I am no Jesus. I am no God
Yet I would let go of mine to suscitate thiers
No depression, no stress, no anxiety
Just pleasure in seeing others happy
To love without constrain

I’ll fall apart so that you could remain intact
Don’t ask…
For It would take a lifetime to comprehend how or why

Just smile and let me be.


Poet Bio

Tsholane “Teekay” Kobeqo, born in Free State, Qwa Qwa, is a poet, creative writer and junior technician. He fell in love with poetry during the year 2008, and has since then been perfecting his writing skills. He has hopes and aspirations to publish a renowned poetry book containing all of his best poetic pieces from over the years.

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