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Mother India! O My Mother India!
Wake me up! Save me from this darkness.
I’ve fallen but I feel that you can deliver me –
My dreams! My destiny! My freedom!
My happiness! My goal in life! My death!

Mother India! O My Mother India!
I call you with your sweet names.
The Indian ocean surrounds you and I get drowned,
Why can’t I reach you? This is an injustice!
You aren’t a piece of land and I am not merely a growing tree.

I am like an ant crawling here and there.
There are elephants moving here and there.
Where? Where can I seek my freedom?
There is too much inequality and I feel forgotten.
I can’t read sometimes what you have written.

I am looking for a deep breath of love
The monsoon winds make me wild.
I want to hug everyone but melt in the sunshine.
I can’t survive the heat. Cool down! Just cool down
My Mother India! O My Mother India!

You are my music! My love!
You are so beautiful and I find peace,
When I just think about you.
I don’t know but I feel you are far from my reach,
Whenever I open the book called ‘The Constitution.’

Poet Bio

Himanshu Ranjan lives in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. He is a poet and a Young India Fellow. His anthology is titled ’36 Love Stories

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1 thought on “I AM LOOKING FOR A DEEP BREATH OF LOVE by Himanshu Ranjan”

  1. A strong beautiful piece.
    Well done.
    If the poems like this would actually stir action – make people collectively fight against the injustice – the world would be a better place for Nature and everyone. Until that happens, the suffering of a poet continues.

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