I Bring Rain by Vitalia Strait

Vitalia Strait | November 11th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


I bring rain wherever I go.
Whether it’s it or me holding on,
I do not know;
I only know I can’t let go.

I ask around, “What can I do?”
“Release, that’s all you have to do.”
But I cannot;
It’s all I’m unwilling to do.

This storm has been with me for so long,
I don’t believe I could last long
Without its drops.
It’s the only one that stays long.

Oh set me free, I do hate you,
The way that I rely on you.
But you are here
And no one wants to replace you.

Poet Bio

Vitalia Strait is an aspiring writer currently pursuing a BA in English. Born and raised in Alaska, she has always been surrounded by beautiful inspiration, and intends to follow through on that calling as soon as she can find the time. You can find her on Instagram @vitaliastrait and Twitter @vsobaka05.

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