I Felt the World Ending When I Was Eight by Diana Keith

Diana Keith | December 6th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I felt the world ending when I was eight
I felt the vacuum of empathy
The ghoul of technology
And the great plan they had concocted together
To steal my future

I stared into the cracked and gaping maw
And something happened
I left behind the earth and every creeping vine of fear
I saw myself growing a garden on a rooftop
Running through the mosses barefoot
Planting seeds for breakfast
And sowing dreams at bed

My hands were caked with worm-soil
Sun upon my lover’s cheeks
We wrapped ourselves together in the moonlight
And became an acorn tree

The gaping maw is at my back
And at my doorstep too but
I will build I will destroy
And I will harvest I will seed
The Mother roots beneath my feet
The Air above to be complete

I will not be held to prophecy
I will see it as a lie
A ruse
A smokescreen to make me give myself
To Nothingness and All-Black-Void
Instead of painting my world with
Every color

Poet Bio

Diana has been writing poetry for 15 years as an outlet for the combined pain and joy of being neurodivergent. To codify thoughts that seem unable to be put into words holds a lot of power and healing. Autism and dissociative identities are two of the factors that make them drawn to poetry as an outlet. A sense of perceiving things that others do not pervades their work, the result of a sensitive mind and body, as does a defiant optimism. After writing poetry as personal therapy for years, they wish to share it with others in the hopes that the words can mirror someone else’s feelings.

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