I Found Him by Mary Waithera

Mary Waithera | May 13th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 5 Comments

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Under the moon and the stars, I strolled,
The journey wasn’t easy, why lie,
Singing birds is all I could hear,
The crickets chirping were all that accompanied me.

Step by step I got closer,
Heart beats increasing,
The cool breeze soothing,
It was all I needed –cool breeze.

The full moon shone brighter,
Leisurely I walked and I felt it was true,
His silhouette lay just ahead of mine,
I could hear his heart beat.

Slowly I raised my head,
Only to meet his eyes on mine,
Holding my hands tight,
I lay my head on his chest,
This felt so true and right,
I found him.

Poet Bio

This poet loves poetry, she is calm and loving.

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5 thoughts on “I Found Him by Mary Waithera”

  1. convincingly interesting and lovely.
    thoughts well put together in beautiful words.

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