I hope my poetry knows you by CT

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I hope my word speaks to you as true as you do life.
I hope they take you through the reaping racks of raw pain and strife.
I hope my thoughts travel in tingles down your spine that let loose the knives on your back.
I hope when you’re under ground zero my meaning pulls you up with your heart intact in pulse track.
I hope your heart is speaking secrets to inspiration when you read my art.
I hope you open my words and read my heart.
I hope tears run down your heart and you hear whispering sweat voices of purity.
I hope I inspire your biggest and brightest choices for unity.
I hope I bring back your deep seeded need to love for the love of loving.
I hope my sleepless nights righting what use to be realistic nightmares and fantasies aren’t for nothing.
I hope my gravitation lefts you higher than levitation like flyers in dreams.
I hope when you close your eyes to my truth you see sparking ideas riding from Mars on light beams.
I hope their horses and chariots ride smooth covered in nothing but hope.
I hope when you land from my floating path of word wizardry you can still see the life scope.
I hope one poem touches home more than twice one day when you’re read my book.
I hope when my name catches your eye my poems scream read me after just one look
I hope mili-seconds after you read one line your brain gets the munchies.
I hope my words take you higher than seed incepted dreams of purple haze bunnies.
I hope my words glow when you feel you’re left in the dark.
I hope when cupids’ evil twin sends his gifts my verbs pull you out of pitch black imitations of a spark.
I hope the depth of my meanings deeds dig deep down your souls’ ocean of still waters and find you.
I hope when your heart is broken into crashed shards of pain my words scoop you up and bind you.
I hope my word instills a pure seed in your spirits grounded soil, spreads water blessings and grows you.
I hope…
I hope my poetry knows you.

Poet Bio

Lungele, born 1992 June 9th in Butterworth, raised in Mount Fletcher, Eastern Cape, RSA. He’s been writing poetry since he was 11 yrs old and has been performing on stage since he was 18 yrs old in Lady Grey Arts Academy. He also performed at BloemPoetry, Pacofs, civic theater and “The Dojo” in Bloemfontein and introduced to League of Gentlemen. CT’s poetry is recognized as abstract urban poetry with an old, classic and sometimes regal under tone, he calls it “Link-poetry”. CT describes Link-poetry as a genre on its own, linked to any art that can be performed or displayed.

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