I love you Ma by Charlotte Zimpel

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Ma, love is so sought after
Who wouldn’t want to be loved

“Love changes, everything”
It heals the soul and hibernates the darkness within

But when it fails to delve deeper
Part of us evoked by an absence of true love, releases our true nature

To see it would be to believe it
In order to see it, you’d have to undergo an innate activation of self-discovery

To long for love so much that it drives you insane.
To be loved so much it encapsulates you with chains.
cuts so deep, it bleeds your heart dry and oh! than pain!

Its grip intends to comfort but turns to bolts that bind you and confines you like gel.
It deprives you of peace and quiet and you feel like you are in jail.

You are so loved that you are overprotected!
And the very reality of it makes you feel rejected.

“What does she mean when she says, “I love you?”
I need to feel this, then perhaps say, I know you do.

“Ma, it confuses me as I try to match what you say with what you mean, in vain.
You love me so much that you hide the truth to protect me.

You love me so much that’s why you won’t let me have my way (lest it hurts me and makes you sad)
You love me so much that you’d die for me (but then I’d be without you with guilt on my conscious)
You love me too much to not care what I decide on because you know what’s best (and I don’t)

But I do feel loved when you sit by me
When we laugh together like we often do
When I say nothing at all and you listen

I’ve heard too much yet I still long for wisdom to understand that it’s not all about me.
I see you now ma,

Not from the scare you gave me as your heart got repaired
But, because I know what your love means for and to me
I love you ma

Poet Bio

My name is Charlotte Zimpel.
I live in Hamburg, Germany. I am a forty-four-year-old mother and wife. I have two sons aged 11 and 17 years. I hailing from Cape Town in South Africa, with roots in Zimbabwe and Zambia as well.
I enjoy writing, travelling and story-telling. I also love and appreciate art in its diverse forms.
The poem ‘I love you ma’ is about a teen in a kind of quandary, who is trying to find himself in a less confusing spot with the love he is getting from his mother and the love he actually expects, but who accepts it all for what it is for now. love.
My work has no particular format. I write as the inspiration comes.
I would like to send more poems with your permission. Then I would exclusively so.

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