I Sit Here by Saleehah Domingo

Saleehah Domingo | October 20th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | 1 Comment


I sit here
Trying to write.
Racking my brain
Staring at a blank page.
I sit here
Trying to find a muse.
But no muse comes.
I sit here
It’s been two hours.
I sit here
Still staring at a blank page.
I sit here
My mind is empty
I am trying to escape the emptiness
But there is no exit.
No exit to see birds floating across the clouds.
No exit to see the sky become a canvas
of pink, purple,blue, orange, grey and black.
No exit to see little kids playing on the side of the street.
No exit to see to see the corner man begging for his next meal.
There is no exit.
I’m fighting.
Breaking down these walls.
Trying to find an escape.
I sit here.
The page is full.

Poet Bio

Saleehah is currently finishing up her high school career and hopes to become a foundation phase teacher.

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