I Stand in Between the Door by Gerry Sikazwe

Gerry Sikazwe | Feb 11th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


I stand in between the door
Frame waiting for change
To pull me in with its red fingers

I am neither inside nor outside
Completely, completely I hear noises
The noises are bittersweet music—

Those from inside are warm but screams
Those from outside are troubled and worried
Noise from my chest is hurt, I am hurt

The writings on the wall above the door
Shout, “Escape”, “Stay away”, “Escape!”
But I do not belong out there either

I stand in between the open door
Frame waiting for change
To pull me in with its broken fingers

I have been knocking for mother to open
Her bedroom door, spilling thick blood
I have been knocking, waking anyone still alive.

Poet Bio

Gerry Sikazwe is a Zambian poet, author of Take Me With You (Nib Hub Books, 2020).
His work has been featured in Ake Review, Kalahari Review, Times of Zambia, and in Sunday Daily Mail Zambia.
He writes from Lusaka.

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