I Stand Tall by M Rantoa

M Rantoa | March 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

The pictures on the wall look bleak as I squint
My mouth dries up with fondness for what’s good
My heart is sore from crying day and night
I can’t begin contemplating loss of a treasure so lovely
In you I found peace a man can ever dream of
As I shut my eyes to sleep
I know the next morning I can’t think of anything else
I can’t help but think of how soft your touch is
The feeling feels so real and ecstatic
Suddenly the pictures have shifted
I can see but no one except your peaceful smile

They say I live in a world of deeds never true
I leave for places peaceful to my soul
I long for nothing more delightful
One time too many I struck a cord
I broke what seemed to be ages of hurt
The long awaited season has finally come
I come not for those that for years held me down
Finally the dream is forgotten
Reality hits like a storm in the calm oceans
Who among you live in hope for love?
Who amongst us will shed tears no more?
Suddenly the lime light goes on
I see phases of the eyes I long longed to see

They say what we had was drowsy
I can’t help but smile at the critics
I can hope for luck to turn me down
For it is luck that I can’t hold on to
It is in love that I truly believe
It is in you I hope to hope
It is on you I someday will stand tall before
Suddenly I open the palm leaves are blown away
My palms open up for you to run into
The glory days weren’t just a dream fly by
I see your frame on my wall
I feel your frame held close to my heart

They say a man’s treasure can’t be measured
Take the instrument and plough it into my future
Make me that instrument of peaceful sights
To the world I stand tall to defy all odds
My creator delights in the plight of all foes
For it is the foes odds I vowed to crush
The pain of survival is known but for a while
The echoes of the voiceless rings in joy
Suddenly the sweetest voice is an ear-shot away
If I had to I’d hold onto you ‘til eternity
But reality is closing in on my dreams
For one last time the blood rush stream is real
The warmth of the touch humbles giants

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