I the World by Oveecee

Oveecee | December 29th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

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What strange love you proclaim, when my boundaries you reclaim.
You preach freedom to the world, but my flow has been walled.
Don’t ask me why I changed, I was pure till I became stained.
You toss me Plastic, oil, poisons and every chemical, yet you expect me to be natural.
I fed your needs, yet you payed me with evil deeds.
I am earths waters, you all claim to be my lovers.

I thought I was beyond your reach, yet in me you created a ditch.
I watched over you, as you walked and flew.
My clouds shaded the sun for you, they watered the soil too.
Tell me my vapours aren’t enough, you fill me with smoke with every puff.
My outstretched arms now are weak, you announce the ozone has begun to leak.
Your cars,fires and fumes to me are torture, but I guess you don’t care about nature.

That place you stand and call the ground, offers more than you understand.
I bring forth life, I carry your burdens with strife.
I am more than a foundation, I house every nation.
Stop the drilling and digging, you only leave me bleeding.
I do so with volcanoes and tsunamis, but my emotions to you are amiss.
My heart is my core, don’t split it anymore.

Poet Bio

A 23 year old Nigerian poet

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