I Want My Muse Back by Gameedah Riffel

Gameedah Riffel | July 15th, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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I fear that I can no longer write
Now that my muse is gone.
Now that he breaks my heart no longer
I cannot write about how I worshipped the ground he walked on.

The one who hurt me, who tore me in two.
Who inspired all my poetry when I wrote about what he didn’t do.
I wrote about all my feelings for him and how strong my love for him was.
But now I realize that my muse, is gone.

I no longer care as I have finally moved on
To a more peaceful existence not harmed by his unreturned love.
Unfortunately I can’t write though about others or topics I can’t feel
Because they never broke my heart so they mean nothing to me.

The problem is that I can only write
About him and the love I never received.
Now that my muse is gone
Please bring him back to me.

Poet Bio

This person loves to write poetry about love.


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