Idiot by Alexander Kane

Alexander Kane | May 1st, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Were at war he said
An enemy within he said
An inevitable battle will ensue
Soon, very soon

After taking a long sip from my drink
I asked the foolish question…
Which I regret till this day,
What are you talking about?

He started talking for hours and hours
Of stupid conspiracies and plots
A fire burning in his eyes
That only an idiot could experience

I did not agree with his doomsday theories
Even if he had gave me a chance to speak
I would not dare to challenge his knowledge,
And I wanted this to end quickly.

A few things in life I have learned,
Is to only speak of thing you know of,
Is to enjoy every drink you drink, and
Is to never ever have a debate with an idiot

I thought to my self,
When will this end?
Will this ever end?
Ill need a stronger drink… much stronger

He was going on about bullshit
That he didn’t even understand
Making up facts as went along.
The idiot.

All words coming out of my mouth was

That was not what I was thinking
But it made him happy
So happy he would just keep talking
I dare not disagree with an idiot

Finally he finished and
He asked me what do you think?
I said I know not of such things…
But I need to go take a leak.

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