If Black Hair Could Talk by Mbuzobuciko

Mbuzobuciko | February 19th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

If Black Hair could talk
imagine what words would you hear
what First words would it say
OOH NO STOP!!!… it’s enough
for decades i have obliged and accommodated
ABUSE and TORTURE of being
Burned Alive by those who don’t APPRECIATE BEAUTY
those who have no PRIDE of being FIRM
of being STRONG, of being NATURAL
and let be what I want to be
So allow these 10 disciples to do the work
do the walk and twist it round
but not like the clock
permit these under-valued soldiers
to be the keys to your DREADED LOCKS

so if I could talk
if this BLACK HAIR could talk
the would be no SUN SILKing my follicle
to RESTORE EASY WAVES that leaves
no PERFECT CHOICE but to wonder
as DARK N LOVEly to the scalp
cortical layer is left PRECISE

none of my skin plug and sebaceous glands
will be in the dock
I DEMAND that you refrain from fertilizing
me with chemicals I’m not a crop
not even a single drop

Poet Bio

I’m a member of unGAMAd, but I’m focusing on my  project, as we want the group to mature and we are waiting for the right time. I am deeply influenced by the writings of Bantu Biko  and that made me aware that there are people who are less fortunate than me, so I have to stop mourning and complaining about life complexities. Instead I have to focus on more society driven issues, like making people aware that their present position and situations are man-made, so they have to react in a way that will liberate but also empower them mentally.

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