If I say I am home by Hazel Tobo

Hazel Tobo | May 7th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


If I say I am home here
Will you promise to not leave me
Will you swear to never burn down
With everything inside you
And all of me inside you?
Will you promise to be my anchor?
Will you stay even when I have flooded all of you
And sit high above enough to drown you
Will you stay long enough for my storm to subside?
Will you cry with me?
Will you cry for me? Will you remember me?
Even when I fly out of my shell
To see the oceans and return
Will you be my warmth from the cold,
When I return from the storms of heavy seasons?
Will you swallow my name whole and give it a place to believe in?
Even if I break, will you hold me close?
Will you tell me stories of how you came to be so strong?
Stories of who was here, who forgot to stay?
Will you listen to my stories?
Will you let me in to pray even when you no longer believe in a God
And when the Gods sit at total erasure under your tongue,
Will you let me in to revive your heart’s beliefs?
To tend to your heart’s desires?
And when I’ve fallen for you inside you
Will you let me stay?
Will you love me whole?

Poet Bio

Poet, Photographer & founder at Inked Pupil Media and author of My Broken Azania (a poetry collection) & Psych Ward Blues(an autobiographical novella)

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