If music be the food of love… by Ngqabutho Gwebu

Ngqabutho Gwebu | February 1st, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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Love is Kind, like the gentle yet sharp strings of an
acoustic guitar.
Love is Pure, like the virgin thump of a tribal drum…the bare feet of
ethnic maids dancing on the African dust
Love is Understanding, like the thousand elements of an orchestra playing in
Love is Happy, like the upbeat tempo and carefree lyrics of a Kwaito song
Love is Sublime, like the chocolate smooth sounds of jazz on a tranquil
Sunday morning.
Love is Patient, like the sad Catholic hymn sung insistently by a blind
beggar at the corner of the street… all day, everyday for a dime or two
Love is You… your voice, your timid laugh… the soundtrack to my brittle


Love is a Liar, like the sweet words of a lecherous whore starring into your
eyes promising you a happily-ever-after but delivering a pittance!

Poet Bio

An unimaginative native who puts pen to paper to express his mundane thoughts whenever he is inspired to – which is not often!

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