If Words Could Say by Kofi Baako Pe

Kofi Baako Pe | September 8th, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

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Dear me,
I do this again.

You smile, like a meandering stream.
Your shiny hair, in the sun it must gleam.
You are a sight of gracious affection.
I wish I could, but I would not mention.

Your breasts, like juicy ripe mangoes.
It’s a wonder, if they’re not foes.
A splendid granduer for my eyes to behold.
Darling, you, in my arms, I must hold.

The sun falls into a deep sleep
And the moon constrains a joyous leap.
Stars begin to walk aimless;
The clouds too, they wish not for less.

Sparkling white teeth!
A miracle! It is you I meet.
Truly, you are a sight of beauty.
I will make with you a lifelong treaty.

You walk with humility, clothed.
Hidden, yet pain remains, to be soothed.
My heart thumps, your love it craves.
Maybe, just maybe, it’ll lead straight to graves.

Let the trees swing willingly
My heart will love thoroughly.
Time passes unknowingly
Yet our love will reign eternally.

I create in my heart a purpose
And on that my mind will focus.
So until I hear you say yes
I will accept nothing less.

I wait until peace is filled with great love,
Your heart, your love, I must have
I wish I had more to say;
That is, if words could say.

Poet Bio

I am a young writer who seeks to explore all genres of writing with a major theme on Love. I also help other young writers to explore with their writing talents. I love everything I do and write

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