If you forget me by Myah Byrd

Myah Byrd | Feb 28th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

If you pretend to forget me just know I will always know the truth.
I know you will always look for me in the taste of sweet cherry chapstick at the kissing booths
If you pretend to forget me let me remind you that I was strong
Know that I was an intellectual and conversations were always long.
If you pretend to forget me I’m sorry that whoever’s next will be such a bore
I know you’ll miss playing hide and go seek in the aisles of grocery’s stores
I know nothing will give you butterflies as strong as I did when I would utter the first letter of your name and how being able to claim me felt better than fame
If you pretend to forget me don’t discredit my ability to make it happen when you were low
How I gave you a sturdy foundation and sunshine and watered you to grow.
If you pretend to forget me, I know it’s all an act.
For everyone you come across will never compare to me and that’s just a simple fact.


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