If You Love Something Let It Be Free by Miss Steele

Miss Steele | March 19th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments


A son asks his father,
Daddy why do you love mommy?

The father replied without hesitation
Your mother is the greatest gift I could ever hope to receive.

She is gentle like a summer breeze and warm like the sun itself, her energy is pure sunshine.
She would climb mountains and cross desserts for those se loved, her heart alone is vaster than all the oceans.

She loves with the veracity of a hurricane, and if you upset her all 7 hells can be unleashed.

She’s an incredible women son, 1 in a million.
But son, when I first met her she burned hot like fire, just to be near her was incredible.

But I was afraid you see, I did not know how to love her probably, her light shone so bright even the blind could see.

So I  dimmed her light and that was a mistake, I loved her so much I wanted her all to myself. This made her unhappy and for a long time things were stormy.

But son, I was lucky that she loved me too.
And eventually the rains cleared and she shone bright again…

But the woman she was now just wasn’t the same.

So when you find something precious remember my words, do not try and hide it from the world, put it on display, marvel at its beauty and let it be free.

Poet Bio

she is artwork and glory
she smells like cherries, spilt ink and thunderstorms

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