If Zimbabwe were a hotel by Wadzie Tads

Wadzie Tads | August 1st, 2018 | poetry seen | 1 Comment


If Zimbabwe were a hotel
Perhaps I would hear the conversations that pertain to my future
As it is, decisions are made on my behalf and all I feel is the ripple effect
Perhaps I would interact with the decision makers in the corridors
We would share the same elevators, going up and down together
At the moment what we only share is the nationality, same coloured passport and identity card
Perhaps their identity cards are even different from mine
Theirs have a blue “C” for citizen
While mine has a red “A” for alien
An alien in my own land?
The land of my forefathers?
We would share the same elevator going up and down together
They have been going all the way up
Whilst I have been sliding into a dark bottomless pit
Jobless, cashless, houseless, carless perhaps futureless
Everything is less nowadays
The pork pie has less pork and the drinks have less sugar
The banks have less cash
The hospitals have less drugs
And the schools certainly have less books and teachers
And I am certainly hopeless
Will I ever set foot in a hotel?
Perhaps I am confined to the dustbin of history, forgotten, dejected, and despondent
And certainly less
Whilst they live in their hotels

Poet Bio

Wadzie Tads is a vibrant, bubbly and energetic young lady who is passionate about everything, from animals, food, music…everything. She was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and attended Mt St Mary’s Primary School and St Dominics Chishawasha High School, both in Zimbabwe. She then attained a B.Comm: Accounting degree at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. She is currently completing her Articles of Clerkship at an Auditing firm in Harare.

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