iKasi: A Monster At Night by Tshepo Molefe

Tshepo Molefe | January 19th, 2024 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

Poet Bio

The night stretches its presence
to engulf all its peasants.
Those who believed Dawn was around the corner
are losing faith.

Yet, some march through the darkness
as if death ain’t staring them down.

In this township,
our eyes greet the sunset
like an old wound.
We know
violence tends to tear our loved ones from us.
Uses the gravel to hide the bodies.

Still, the promise of Dawn
begs our shivers to rest.

At least until Day breaks
once more.

Poet Bio

Tshepo Molefe (pronouns: he/his/him) is a multi-award-winning performance poet and copywriter. With a career spanning over seven years, Molefe has graced many South African stages and has been published in numerous publications.

Molefe’s career highlights include being published on the 7th edition of the Sol Plaatje anthology, winning the 2017 WordnSound Poetry league, and publishing his debut poetry anthology, The Brown Bottle series.

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