I’ll tell you about her by Bad Poet

Bad Poet | August 18th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


“You’re nothing!”
Wow, that’s beautiful
“Stop mocking me…”
I’m not, for to be nothing excites me like very little else; I accept I am nothing, I am an empty vessel, ready to bring action and something’s to the world
I swear I am alive
My heart is in a suitcase
Just that, nothing else
Full of emptiness, it lies
Open, ready, excited
Like a ticket to yesterday
A darkness so distant
So playful in my memory

Poet Bio

Bad Poet never liked English classes in school; in fact he thought they were a complete waste of time. Nowadays Bad Poet contemplates if he could have become better, had he tried to do better in those classes?

Bad Poet likes to contemplate life in all its complexity, beauty and pain; appreciating the hardships and pleasures, the poetic Ying and the Yang.

Bad Poet loves quantum physics, love and whisky.

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