I’m a TV. I’m a Radio by Galapagos

Galapagos | February 19th, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

My mind, body, spirit and soul is programmed
I’m a color screen TV in society
I’m a radio headed freak in society
I channel film mode expeditions any time of the day
I speak radioactive vocal frequencies any time of the day
I tune into filtered journalistic blood wars every second of the day
I listen to holy war jingles sensationally manipulated
My newspaper writers and editors will tell you lies about my media mentality
My media mentality is hypodermic
My media mind is a message gun trajectory
My media shoots your loafer brain with brainwashing bullet bulletins
Do you want to switch me off? Television pandemonium
Do you want to turn me off? Radio upset
Hey, “I got musical sound for you”
Jazz and soul for your chill out moments
Hip hop and rock ‘n roll for your funky crazy nights on the weekends
RnB and Gospel for your spiritual platonic fantasies
Thin skinned drum for your rain dance shower
Chordophones strings that will make your heart beat
“I got indie poems to recite”
“I got dope lyrics to spit”
“I can freestyle during radio announcements and prime time”
“I got album listening sessions of all your favorite artists”
“I got beautiful songs for your receptive ears”
“I have an interview today with your role model, Mr. Know it all”
“You can ask him any question you want”
“Dial and talk to him”
“Mr. Know it all tell me more about the origins of science and religion
“Tell me about the creation of God and Satan”
“Tell me about the miraculous ancient verbal dialogues between machines and shadows”
“Tell me about the kiss between crayons and a canvas”
“Unfold the drunken Noah’s flood on the mixture of alcohol and water when the glass ship sink deep into tongues”
“Tell me about the interesting bible fairytales”
“The talking snake in the Garden of Eden”
“The Virgin birth of the prodigal Son”
“The woman that lived inside the fish”
“The invisible God of the heavens”
“The life and death between the book of genesis and revelation”
“Ooh! Mr. Know it all thank you for such fruitful knowledge”
“I will always tune into your radio station”
“But Mr. know it all you also have a TV show, so may you please unfold the interesting programmes just with a finger fiddle on your remote control”
“Tell me about your favourite movies”
“Horror, romantic and adventure movies”
“Tell me about your favourite morning and afternoon cartoons”
“I want to know about Clifford the dog”
“I want to know about Tom and Jerry”
“I want to know about Dragon Ball Z and Pokemons”
“Tell me what’s going on the news today”
“Tell me about the president’s child’s molestation”
The government corruption and money bribery
“Tell me about criminal cases, suicide, genocide and secret weapons in the Middle East”
“Tell me how beautiful and sexy the newsreader is”
“Tell me how you planning to flirt with that light skinned news reporter from channel 2”
“Tell me about your favourite Coca Cola advertisements and soapies”
“Tell me about your favourite comedy and sitcoms”
“I want to hear about The Fresh Prince of Bell Air”
“Tell me about the funniest scenes ever by Bill Cosby and Martin Lawrence”
“Oooooh! What a nice conversation I had with you Mr. Know it all”
Back to TV and Radio reality
TV and Radio media mentality
I channel you into brainwashing wonderland
Psychological limitation
Drown your focus in the subconscious dimension
Remote controlling your reality 24 hours
Motion pictures fill up the slave rooms located inside your mind
Mind programming
Eye programming
Eardrum destruction
I’m a TV
I’m a Radio
I am!

Poet Bio

I’m a poet, writer of short stories, mcee and photo writing. I’m known by my rap name Dionys Volatile. I’m from Tembisa in the East Rand. Also a student at the University of Johannesburg doing my degree in BA Corporate Communication. I’m that book reading freak! I really value success, my purpose in life and adherent to my high consciousness.

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