Impepho by Tshediso LOUW

Tshediso Louw | December 21st, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


When a boy was born,
Men would come singing songs of elation
For another warrior is born.

Umqombothi spilt to the ground to show appreciation, daughters would go to the streams to fetch water for cleansing.
Another song follows the harmonious maiden voices chanting songs of old.

When rain seem like a distant dream,
Elders would summon innocent children to play ‘lesokwana’ to beg the gods for better days.
When chants and burning blues of clear skies come to rest, clouds will gather as a congress of curious clouds.
Impepho burns for the old and new gods
Impepho burns to find way to the Rituals of old.

Poet Bio

Tshediso is a poet From Kroonstad.
Passionate about writing.
He is a learner in the field of literature.


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