Imperialists by Kgosietsile

Kgosietsile Dintlhoane | March 12th, 2024 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

please know
that I remember it all

i remember
how radical you once were
how ready to go
fight for freedom of black people
you once were

i recorded your words in my soul
when you said
“You would die fighting for our land back”

that is what made you my hero back then
i could see sincerity in your eyes
i could feel your love for my people
in your vibrant speeches,
speeches that moved us all,
speeches that gave us hope –

but today we mourn
the hero you once were
today your speeches are empty promises
today your eyes show hatred for your own people
today you have changed completely
for you now walk amongst the elites
laughing with them at dinner tables
as they mock the black aunt
who bends on her knee before you,
to serve you their food, to serve you their alcohol
while they syphon millions of Rands from the public purse
through you and your political pals –

Poet Bio

Kgosietsile is a poet from Mangaung. he stays with His wife and three daughters and has published 2 volumes of poetry” An African Child” and ” A walk through earth” his third volume of poetry will be published sometime this year.

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