In Bloom by Kerry Lee Steele

Kerry Lee Steele | May 5th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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I lost my heart to the man in the moon
Big dreams all smiles, and those come to bed eyes
He knew all the words to all my favourite songs
Our song, the song. Never stopped playing. Oh, how we danced…
Moonlit kisses and shooting star wishes
We ebbed and flowed like the tide, forever bound to your side.
I’m in full bloom, staring up at the moon
The tiniest slither, come hither
If I took a chance. Could we dance?
My heart beats the same but now a woman I move in my own way
If you lead I just might follow..
Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow. Just know when the moon is full and in bloom, I wait there too…
Wearing my dancing shoes…

Poet Bio

Kerry Lee hails from the Bluff and loves to dance


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