In the eye by PandoraVII

PandoraVII | January 3rd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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Gustily wind on the backdrop of calm skies

You and I are the molecular dust that collides in the upper atmosphere where the laws of nature rule

It is in the eye where illusive comfort in silence laughs at the unaware

Like restricted navigation through a potential light display across the heavens for all to see

We flow with the wind in circles and hope that the laws that govern cosmic attraction will not steer us closer

In the eye of the storm rests the memory of untouched magic

Where past baggage disperses in harmonious scatter and fear bows to daring gumption in cyclones of lust

In the eye of the calm rests the illusive lie that lightning strikes the same place twice

In the eye of the storm, our fragments are a collective of yes please and no, please

Of right yes and wrong no and amalgamations of ethical warfare in between

Yesterday I watched the swirl of destructive restraint light fire in your eyes

Yesterday I mourned the collision of charged souls

Yesterday had mother – nature curled in fetal angst over the lightning storm that defied her name.

Poet Bio

I am a full-time broadcast journalist and writer. When I am not engrossed in environmental justice, human rights and politics – I write poetry.

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