featured poem: In Times of Distress by Keletso Thobega

Keletso Thobega | February 28th, 2011 | featured poem, poetry | No Comments

In times of distress
Plagued by the insanity of unrest
The days of darkness when light seems a dream
Thrust in corners of uncertainty
The hole in my heart getting bigger
Gripped by the claws of fear and pain
All outlets closed from me

My soul blooms like a flower in the sun
Opening wide to the warmth of trust
Rest if I might
But yet I know
The battle continues to see some better days to come
My strength is my persistence
Standing against my convictions
Warped by the devil’s calling
I quicken past to a place of positivism

I was born naked
Assured nothing
Relying on hope in bleakness
Murmuring gratitude on the days I woke to hear the birds chirping
With every step I take
With every turn I make

I know I am because of courage
The times when I forged forth
On the last reserve of strength
When I stood by my truth
Facing forceful opposition
Acting in honesty, even where danger lurked

Therein in Courage
My soul opened
And I knew there was a light of God within
To build me of something intangibly strong
The ability to yes when everything and everyone seemed to say No
The heart of the enlightened lives in courage
For today’s struggle is tomorrow’s joy…

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