Incense and intention by Botshelo

Botshelo | May 11th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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Incense and intention
When we light incense sticks,
Myrrh and frankincense, sandalwood and sage
And the sweet smell of burning lavender fields,
With smoke charging up the air,
lifting our prayers and requests through channels and portals
to the supreme energy
The source of being.
Incense and intention
When we sage the room,
Bath in salted waters
And herbal infusions
Candles lit,
Honoring the moon as she sits at the center of the black sky,
Young and new.
Surfing the tidal waves of emotions
Asking us to let go
So we set our intentions strong and anew
To form new directional maps;
Ready to take on the new month.
These are actions of purification and cleansing.
Dear god, make it alright.
Higher self reach out.
Spirit speak.
Soul move
Body do.
Intentions set to love more,
to know more and do more.
Intent to live,
we light incense to calm the turbulent spaces in a living, breathing world
Because this is the magic of incense and intention
Deliberate and purposeful
Basking in the auras of musks and peppermints,
White roses and opium
All in attempt to cleanse our space.
Cleanse our busied minds.
Cleanse our congested hearts.
Connect to a godly silence.
A moment of peace.

Poet Bio

Botshelo is a poet and writer specializing in both creative and technical writing. Hailing from Pretoria, Botshelo is a determined woman who constantly works toward creating her a better future for herself through her poetry and business ventures. A student of life, Botshelo draws inspiration from not only life as experience, but the experiences of those she comes across in her path, and the greatest teacher there is – mother nature.

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