Incomplete by Jerome Cornelius

Jerome Cornelius | February 13th, 2013 | current issue, poetry | No Comments

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The waves look like canoes,
coming for us.

You say you wish you could lie
on the mirror-water
and float.

Shooting star, we both see it.
You, out the corner of your eye.
You in the corner of me,
the cradle where I hold you,
we face the sky.

You tell me you feel safe;
I believe you.

Maybe it’s true.

Your mind is elsewhere,
is it on me?

We are in the world, within our own,
the real world metres away.

Poet Bio

Jerome Cornelius is a young writer, aspiring adult and professional student from Cape Town. His interests lie in gender activism, ghost stories and science fiction. He is currently trying to write a thesis and attempts to dabble in poetry.

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