Inhuman by Jaco vd Westhuizen

Jaco vd Westhuizen | January 30th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Inhuman so they say a scandal to men       a sin to others         and hated by the rest                          I m evil they say        a contagious disease                       spreading like a wild fire                    amongs them            Inhuman so they say                            a creature by night  but not by choice     acting my way through life              just to blend in        all i want is to be accepted                   for who i am            a human,not inhuman                   Inhuman so they say being so different in a way                       from birth i became the one person i am today                       created,oh please theres no way           forgive me,but i am who i am anyway      Inhuman so they say not that different by the way                    i eat and breath the same                       just loving in a different way            forgive me,but i am gay                          Inhuman,please don t say

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