Innocent Yet Guilty by Lee Evans

Lee Evans | Oct 22nd, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Young, healthy, omnipotent—
masters of the universe,
they frolic over Nature without a care,
without conscience.
Nothing can touch them,
but they can touch everything—
they can touch every fire
without getting their fingers burned,
bounce back from every collision
like acrobats on a trampoline.

You have tried to reason with them
to no avail–but don’t stop trying.

The smug arrogance of their faces
is a mask concealing the blind force
that blazes through the grass and trees—
through the air they suck through their nostrils,
through their skeletons, muscles, nerves,
through the very brains in which they conceive
their invulnerability—

the blazing, blind force that eventually
burns up everything in the world,
reducing it to ashes blown
on an invincible summer breeze…

Poety Bio

Lee Evans lives in Bath, Maine and works at the local YMCA.

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