Insecure city Chantel Scheepers

Chantel Scheepers | March 2nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


Tears wash over, insecurity
Like rain stains a filthy city
Cut out and displayed
Like a broken bridge over river splayed

Beating down like hailstorms
Insecurity finds itself, devils horns
Sickening, tormenting twist of thunder.
It sets a of strikes a blunder
Please strike from me,
Like lightning set free

I cannot handle the insecurity
I cannot let the storm simply be
Save me from this
I need to find my rainbow, Bliss

Twisting round this tornado torment
My mind hollowing, contempt

Rolling down and away
I feel the wash of waves, spray
Insecure like broken cities stray..
I lay there drenched by it, stay?

Poet Bio

Just a trying poet, trying to improve and build imagery by painting with words

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