Inside me by Honey Jones

Honey Jones | Nov 24th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I’m a lot of soft, gentle whispers but vulnerable right now
the intense beat of my heart is dropping a melody that mirrors depression
My soul is getting too familiar with death
Often I cry and my cries fall into emptiness
My tears taste like pity, disgust, anger and they look like fear
It’s a ritual I participate in often, in a space alone without curious ears or where light can deep through
I offer my longing heart as a scented offering to my ancestors
But this offering will always be incomplete because I don’t know their names or their love…  It hurts…  To be unwanted, to be an imposter not only in your body but in your own family is a pain, a pain
I can not write onto paper or describe in any language
It’s the teeth gnawing at my fingers as I write this piece, words fail me today all I ask is that will someone please just

Kill me with love.

Poet Bio

Honey is a black woman with a myriad of experiences to be explored through her poetry, she’s Trans, she’s black, she’s Queer, she has a penchant for social justice work that’s cemented in emancipating black identity, She loves fresh fruit juice and singing in the shower.

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