Irony by Chabota Sibuku

Chabota Sibuku | Sep 11th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


Press my wet lips on your neck.
Count each strand of your hair.
Look you into your eyes.
Massage your shoulders—delicate
enough to shoo you into sleep.
Deep roses into your eardrums.
Rub a love song against your heart.
Pour a camera flashlight on your face.
Watch you sway your hips.
Call you by a daisy-like name.
Wipe your tears dry.
Circle my hands around your curves.
Tighten a hug I bestow to you.
Watch your lips in motion.
Listen to your pulse throbbing.
Make my heart race at hearing your voice.
Run my fingers through each inch of you.
Whisper “I love you’s” to you.
I do not want to do all of this to you.
I want to be alone:
Loneliness never disappoints me.

Poet Bio

Chabota Sibuku is a writer and poet from Lusaka, Zambia. He is winner of the 2020 Scripted Silence Poetry Prize. He tweets @ChabotaSibuku

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