Is She Your Mother? by Olagunju Sunday Gbenga

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga | Sep 9th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


She cried many a time
Her head buried in deep sorrow and heart cumbered with worries
Wondering why the delay for the fruit of the womb, the joy of marriage
Is she your mother?

‘’Hope the prayer is answered,’’ soliloquizing
‘’It is positive. You are four weeks pregnant,’’ the doctor felicitated with her
Soon the pains and anxieties disappeared
She derived solace in the foetus in her womb though the road was rough
Today it aches, tomorrow it kicks, the head ached while the body pained
Is she your mother?

She suffered fever offered by the foetus, vomiting the little meal she forced in
Her stomach was empty while her mouth kept on throwing up
Oh! What a dilemma? Yet she rejoiced because of God’s gift in her womb

She dragged her heavy feet to visit the doctor for check ups
Wanting to ascertain the condition of her coming bundle of joy,
That she had borne for these rugged nine months!

‘’Yeh! My back, my tummy , hmm,’’ crying in agony of labour pains, feeling exhausted
At last the baby was born. The offspring was brought to bed. Oh! What an inestimable suffering?
Can you see a glimpse of what she went through all because of you? Oh Son!
At cradle she backed you to school with your head finding warm solace on her back
At teenage she encouraged you to continue though you felt like quitting
Your father deserted you seeing that you could not cope well with learning
‘’This one cannot go to school,’’ he declared
But she never gave up on you. Is she your mother?

At your youth, she spent all her pennies to earn you the prestigious tertiary education
Wow! You are now an adult, swimming in the luxury of wealth she paid direly for
Oh! You’ve forgotten so soon. When she came to your house in the city to spend some weeks
You called her a witch; you pushed her out of your house giving her no penny to return home
Dejected, devastated and downcast, remembering all her pain to make you a man
She begged on the streets to get the fare, wandering sorrowfully under the scorching sun
Is she your mother?

Now at the village, she languishes in poverty as you have ceased her stipend
She hawks to eat, hustles and bustles under the rugged weather to remain alive
She fell sick but there was no one to take care for her and she gave birth to only you.
Is she your mother?

Sad, only at the mercy of the villagers as she could not work again to bring food on her table
Always lonely like a bird bedraggled under an Iroko Tree in her old age
Really! Is she your mother?

Poet Bio

Olagunju Sunday Gbenga is a writer, poet, teacher of English Language and impeccable wordsmith that often employs imagery to drive his message home. He is also a social advocate and aanalyst.

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