Is that a sign? by Tlaki

Tlaki | September 20th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Like all signs on land and all
Some scare a litte and some cheer a little
Some seek dawn while some light
All rub on us a little or more

Did you see the sign and walked by?
Is that passing ignoring the throb?
Ooh then it is a sign if you don’t only see but feel too.

Did you get a chill from the view?
Whether it’s seed or oak
Never pass by a sign seen or felt
By flesh or soul or throb

The sign hung for decades
You saw it rust over ages and moons
You forgot to vanish the insides
Who caused the rain to ruin it?

Once or twice it rained on the dessert.
The plants and the camel were filled.
New life sprang and waltzed.
And, all held onto dear life.

Soon the rusty sign emerged.
To him that saw and passed.
The sign was cemented and deep
For anything and anyone to move.

Poet Bio

Tlaki is a mother, a teacher and a trainer. She enjoys poetry and music.

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