IT DELAYED, PUT IPAID! by SterlingTalks

SterlingTalks | January 16th, 2021 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

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My heart said, Yes you will be fine
Reality seems to below, it is not yonder, you right
I quit, recoiled and despaired
Yet I pursued it, in the silent night
In the middle of my thoughts
I slept sailing in dark waves
No it is not failing, yes it delays
I will bide time or bid it goodbye
No good riddance!
And woke up agile and supple
Stretched and yawned
In my morning sleepy moods
It was a new, very day, the critical date
And I had not received a dime
From my debtors and promisors!

I read Wole’s “telephone conversation”
Then my outlines for science of law
And Public international law
And allowed cares to fair on!
Awaiting the bank’s glad tidings
I called incessantly, and waited!

Then just then before dusk
As the sun longed to set
In the western horizons and leave me teary
Just to mark the eve of the deadline
I got it in full measure
And paid my school fees for the semester
I must pass this exam!

Poet Bio

I am a Kenyan novelist and playwright, with an academic background in land economics and sustainable urban development. I spend most of my leisure reciting poems, playing word games, reading plays. I have a strong inclination to orature and African folklore generally. I am a practicing Valuer living and working in Nairobi. I also write a lot on urbanization and property right issues

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